Force360 Eyefit Light Brown Lens Safety Spec



Certified medium impact rated protection to AS/NZS 1337.1:2010

Diamond Tech Hardcoat provides extreme scratch resistance and resists acid and solvent degradation

HydroTech AF is a washable hydrophilic based coating providing an anti-static finish that repels dusts and particles and prevents fog forming on the lens, the ideal coating for hot and humid conditions

Base 8 curve provides excellent optical clarity and an extended wrap for increased side protection

The Force360 patented FitAll Sidearm system is designed to gently hug all head shapes. A world first product that ensures extreme comfort for every wearer. The FitAll Sidearms hugging design ensures that the safety spectacles never slip or move, making them the most secure and comfortable spectacle in the marketplace today

The nose bridge is the apex point for eye wear comfort. Force360 utilises Flex Bridge technology, the softest shape memory material that flexes and moulds to shape, for all day comfort

UV400 Poly carbonate lenses offer the wearer the best protection against UVA and UVB damaging rays

The unique design of the floating lens means airflow is maximised behind the lens and fogging is minimised. The best design for highly humid and hot environments

Durable and resilient poly carbonate lens build


Pack - 12 Pairs